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  • Introduction
    At Simply Packaging all of our staff are fully trained to ensure a 360 degree total quality management system is in place to provide the customer with the upmost confidence that their products will perform to their specified requirements. Our commitment to supplying a high quality product is in the forefront of our drive for excellence.

    Our dedicated Quality Assurance Laboratory employs rigorous checking and traceability methods to ensure all products meet the specified standards and to ensure that a high standard of quality is maintained throughout a products production cycle.

    Expertly trained staffs are able to observe the complete production cycle from start to finish. During the production cycle quality control plays a vital role with inline physical testing as well as precise mechanical testing in the QA Laboratory.

  • Incoming Materials Checking
    All Incoming Material’s are checked for quality and consistency and all incoming material purchased for production use must come supplied with a valid Certificate Of Analysis from the supplier before goods are accepted and logged into our system by our expertly trained QA staff

  • Thickness & Weight Checking
    Constant Thickness Checks are carried out on the production floor using analog instruments and more precise thickness checks are carried out in the QA Laboratory using accurate digital thickness gauge machines as well as precise Digital Weighing Scales. During the production cycle each and every single roll extruded is weighed to ensure the correct thickness film has been extruded and finally each and every single carton of bags is individual weighed to ensure precise bag thickness and packing has been achieved.

  • Opacity & Colour Checking
    All films extruded are checked for opaqueness using a digital Opacity Meter to ensure that the customer required film opacity is maintained as per ASTM E589, BS3900-D4, and ISO2471 standards. Furthermore, all printed bags are checked for Corona Treatment as well as all print colors are checked under a Day-Light Box as per BS950 Part 1 standard to ensure that the customer required Pantone colors are matched and always maintained.

  • Dart Impact & Tensile Testing
    All bags are put through Dart Impact Testing to determine the impact resistance of plastic film by free falling dart method as per ASTM D1709, BS2782: Method 352F, and ISO7765 standards. In addition to this, all bags are also tested on the Tensile Testing Machine to determine the properties of tensile and elongation of plastic sheet as per ASTM D882, BS2782: Method 326E and ISO1184 standards. This instrument is used to inspect the peak load/break load, elongation at peak load/break load, tensile strength at peak load/break load, percentage at peak load/break load, young’s modulus, yield load, yield stress, load vs elongation.

  • Static Handle & Jog Testing
    All bags are put through a Static Handle Test which involves loading the bag with maximum weight under 2 handles and under 1 handle to see what is the very maximum weight the bag can carry and for how long. This test simulates a cashier holding the bag with one hand and placing products inside the bag. Another test conducted is the Jog Test. In this test again bags are loaded with weights and move up and down simulating the consumer walking home with their shopping bags full of groceries. Both of these tests allow us to check the sealing strength, handle strength, and overall bag performance.

  • Accreditations
    • • ISO 9001:2008
      Within its first year of operations, Simply Packaging achieved the ISO9001:2000 status. Our Quality Management systems have recently achieved the most up to date ISO9001:2008 certification.
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    • • SEDEX
      Simply Packaging is a member of SEDEX which is a supplier ethical data exchange forum. We are committed in continuing to improve our ethical performance and that of our supply chain. For more information please log onto
    • • d2w
      Simply Packaging is an authorized user of the Symphony d2w Oxo-Biodegradable Technology.
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    • • EPI
      Simply Packaging is also an authorized user of the EPI Totally Degradable Plastic Additives and is partners for the responsible use and disposable of biodegradable plastic in the environment.
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