Who Are We


Premium Grade Producers of Bespoke Film & Bags that Perform Incomparably to our competitors

With a variety of industry-leading bespoke bags and films, we are at the top on a global scale for being an outstanding supplier. Our 30 years of collective experience and insights In the industry has allowed us to design and produce bespoke products that will perform better and provide world class results, giving our customers the undeniable confidence in their brand.


Innovators with a Commitment to Improvement

In an industry such as ours, there Is constant demand for high-quality products and a variety of what can be supplied. We are therefore continually investing and innovating in ground-breaking processes and technologies to provide premium packaging solutions & be at the heart of this challenging and very dynamic market. Our premium products are centred around three state-of-the-art production processes. Find out more on why Simply Packaging Group is a leading manufacturer.


A company Customers can Trust

Our customers trust us to produce and deliver outstanding bespoke premium products on time, every time, no matter where In the world they are. We export 85% of our products to an international and diverse client base who range from major retail & e-commerce brands to major courier brands. Our customers know we are experts In our field and Is the main reason we can see a future together with all of our customers.

Captivated by what Simply Packaging can do for your business?